Daunting Times

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Little by little
Feeling of void kicks in

Trapped in arms of
Daunting times

Scarred by dreams
Of sweet illusions

I’m losing my way
Come, hold my hand

In no particular direction
Am I headed.

I thought I knew
And I wish I could do
Things I was not meant to!

Discovering places that
were never made for me

Hearing those words that
were never said to me

I’ve lost my way!

*My experiments with Life*

Pooja Alok

Ashes in the Wind

And here comes the dusk uninvited to the burning ground

Breaching hesitations covered with the red tears

Ashes in the wind, trying to find a home in this dark abyss

All that smoke can be – to wander in its rusty nomadic home

Sparks from the fumes where the smoky flames were kindled

All that fire could torch was the form of expression

The forbidden bushes where denial rules and writhes

As a light feather the soul floats wandering paralyzed

Leaving transparent shadows of mysterious reality

The winds have covered a thousand cries beneath

A roaring widow, a hissing mother of a single child

Grappling with the wounds, assuming the being will survive

Look deep within the hollow immortal, give a reason to exist

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Daily Prompt: Flames

Every week! Week after week

Pain of feeding the monster, weak
Every week! Week after week

The clock is on the run
Time is having its sweet fun

This is a Friday Pun
Still 2 to go! Hold on Son!

There will be a Monday
After a run over Sunday

“Give me freedom”
And he grunts at your wish

Locked in a 10×20
Caned by words plenty

Post-mortem operations

Awakened you will stand
But dance to tunes of same band

Every moment! Week after week
Brutally strangled, is the meek

An Untold Story

Painted Canvasses without blood
The desires dried dripping

Poured on demon like floors
Couldn’t devour the soul

The paints screamed for a wall
When kerosene washed them away

Brushes lie on the stained cotton
Looking at the easel in the corner

Silks stacked away, a story of life
Painted in crimson, clear blue

Incomplete it rested
Complimenting rags shoved in the carton

It only looked like she did not care
Neither did she look back once,

As her life was on a run, yearning
Meaning and fun, in wrong places

Years passed away, not realising
Once best friends were peeping, calling

Attention, care and caresses
Ready to be used up and thrown

So they could get a home
On the incomplete canvasses

Waiting to complete the story untold
A place where they truly belonged

*If my incomplete paintings, and the paints had feelings, they’d be really missing me*

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Happy Endings..

With the bruises for long

In pain throughout

Futile efforts
Chasing my dreams

Wandering alone
The silence screams

Without love were vases

Until you walked
Filling blank spaces


Colored the deserts

Did not know how

No longer now!

Dated: Sept 5, 2014

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Hold on

Many times in life you have to do
and yes give up a zillion mighty things
To live your life in dreams at strings
and watching what it brings

You live each day with a moment that comes
And don’t want it to reel out so fast
In truth it’s just a door of glass
and at last it will perhaps blast

Wish you were blessed with a breath of cure
One that is the only last
So you don’t have to suffer that way
for longing to spend it fast

Open your heart, mind, breath and sight
And see what your time brings
As you fall from the cliff, to your surprise
you will be gifted with bright little wings

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Bliss of the Unknown

Invisible shackles and untied bonds
Fastened up across the ankles

Speculated thoughts work all day long
Like dusk forever and waiting for the dawn

Twisted arms in the veil of love
Dried tears gradually gathering up toxins
On the morrow of victory the joy deceases

Unknown defeat from the mirror it laughs
From considerations to reasonable justifications

One side sea and other side is the valley
Swim across, not willing to take the mighty fall

Looking ahead with the regrets of the past
Unwilling to walk ahead along the lonely boulevard

Impressive power possessed in fate of the day
As night comes opening it’s deprived claws

Crushing the fictitious dreams of the meek
Enslaved lives unhappily wearing fake smiles
Indulged souls, a vicious bliss of the unknown

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Mostly Ordinary

Mostly ordinary, with wonder-working desires
Crashing through the gates, among the outliers

White faux chiffon flooring through the stairs
Here comes the princess with her glorious flair

No one seems to recognize her face
Blushes shining pink with her heart’s race

Fragility of life resurfaces again
Looking at the bystanders in flawless pain

Digging for a meaning all over the place
Her eyes meet the lovely man’s filled with haze

Uninterested, anonymous, with no stint of notice, he passes
Why did she pick him from the unenlightened masses

Let down, hurt, fear of ignorance gripping hard
In midst of a dark tunnel, waiting for the light, scarred

Golden gloss scandals under the velvet red
Walking miles in brutal seasons without comforts of a shed

Everything’s lucent like a painted canvas behind a tissue
Aimlessly wandering in woods arriving on a faulty cue

Love comes with a price, not distributed for free
It can happen anywhere, even under a lonely tree

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Sleepless Nights

I sit and cry every night
I want to live and want to fight

I want to give up
And I as well might

I sit back up
switch on the light

Sorrow, pain, fear in my gripe
Clutch stiffens with every hype

Calm myself down
Turn to a smile from frown

My pains are small
Others suffer and fall

I have to rise high
Strings of desire I untie

Weed me out and throw
Reap what you sow

Positivity I seed
Like a baby’s feed

Absorb and flower
Wait for another shower

Fruits of a lovely blossom
No conditions and caution

Tears turn into blushes
And the shiver rushes

From clams to calms
Sleep again with closed palms

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj