Daunting Times

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Little by little
Feeling of void kicks in

Trapped in arms of
Daunting times

Scarred by dreams
Of sweet illusions

I’m losing my way
Come, hold my hand

In no particular direction
Am I headed.

I thought I knew
And I wish I could do
Things I was not meant to!

Discovering places that
were never made for me

Hearing those words that
were never said to me

I’ve lost my way!

*My experiments with Life*

Pooja Alok

Transparent Darkness

They have lost their way
From bed in home to their office bay

No smiles and cares
And only stranger stares

Falling in love with the screen
Living a virtual dream

Its off and they are lost
Like fearing a ghost

Running to the plugs
Crazy mad ducks

Wired connections
Unholy directions

Sad inside and laugh out loud
Artificial masks in front of the crowds

Not all they know
Nor a friend not foe

Still lost in the clouded day
From bed in home to their office bay

Dated: Sept 6, 2014

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Been so Long

The orchids have stayed for long in my books
I do not even remember him opening the hooks
Been so long
He’s been so late
Admitting, contemplating – its been an awful wait..

*My experiments with Limericks*

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Happy Endings..

With the bruises for long

In pain throughout

Futile efforts
Chasing my dreams

Wandering alone
The silence screams

Without love were vases

Until you walked
Filling blank spaces


Colored the deserts

Did not know how

No longer now!

Dated: Sept 5, 2014

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Mostly Ordinary

Mostly ordinary, with wonder-working desires
Crashing through the gates, among the outliers

White faux chiffon flooring through the stairs
Here comes the princess with her glorious flair

No one seems to recognize her face
Blushes shining pink with her heart’s race

Fragility of life resurfaces again
Looking at the bystanders in flawless pain

Digging for a meaning all over the place
Her eyes meet the lovely man’s filled with haze

Uninterested, anonymous, with no stint of notice, he passes
Why did she pick him from the unenlightened masses

Let down, hurt, fear of ignorance gripping hard
In midst of a dark tunnel, waiting for the light, scarred

Golden gloss scandals under the velvet red
Walking miles in brutal seasons without comforts of a shed

Everything’s lucent like a painted canvas behind a tissue
Aimlessly wandering in woods arriving on a faulty cue

Love comes with a price, not distributed for free
It can happen anywhere, even under a lonely tree

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Sleepless Nights

I sit and cry every night
I want to live and want to fight

I want to give up
And I as well might

I sit back up
switch on the light

Sorrow, pain, fear in my gripe
Clutch stiffens with every hype

Calm myself down
Turn to a smile from frown

My pains are small
Others suffer and fall

I have to rise high
Strings of desire I untie

Weed me out and throw
Reap what you sow

Positivity I seed
Like a baby’s feed

Absorb and flower
Wait for another shower

Fruits of a lovely blossom
No conditions and caution

Tears turn into blushes
And the shiver rushes

From clams to calms
Sleep again with closed palms

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj