Shadows of reality

Shadows of reality
Darkness in prosperity

Don’t be a fool
You’re no more in school

Turn around
Listen to that sound

Its calling you by its side
You just should not hide

Run on this ground
Now cease to frown

Life is beautiful
You got to be a bit careful

Just untie your soul
Why don’t you wanna go

Stop living life in grids
Open up the lids

And fly at least try
Stand up again tall

Let life take a call
It may hit, every bit

And you cant go away
Coz You ought to stay

Dated: January 2010

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Found Profoundness

The squall of darkness
Was never heard

Locked inside
A room of blood

When the doors opened
Dreams set ajar

There was an empty canvas
to paint the clouds green

Living in constraints
Not any longer

Because there was a reason
Trapped in a season called

Found profoundness
Galloping inspiration

Life changed forever
At last to find

Aspirations chasing
And the world dreaming

About me, love
While I was Living

A lifetime, A dream
In every little moment

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

Play of the Mood

Stuck here now, in this moment
Don’t know why

Trying to find an answer
Looking up to the sky

Not finding the moon
Shattered all around

Searching for my sanity
Consumed in vanity

Screaming screeching
Shouting out loud

Wanting to find the shelter
Comforting one’s heart
Without playing a foul

Standing alone in the breeze
Senses return with the wind

Smiling swiftly with ease
Waiting for the moment to cease

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj