Escaped Soul

Happy souls exist forever
Some depart in agony today

Enslaved in mortal covers
Choke up to the harsh reality

Choosing the path of denial
Fly towards the open canopy

Rest in peace my dear friend
Hope there was another end

*In memory of a colleague who lost his life in an unfortunate accident. Please join me while I pray for him. May his soul rest in peace.*

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

14 thoughts on “Escaped Soul

  1. Death is most definitely an enemy. Stealing loved ones we’d prefer not to lose. Cutting short dreams. My prayers are with those left behind to mourn and my hope is that the departed finds the rest that so eludes the living. A song says “We live today and tomorrow we die, what is the meaning of life?” Stay strong dear friend


  2. For a minute think from HIS point of view. It is a liberation. Not from his parents pov, not from anybody else’s pov. God’s message: Your role on earth is over, time to move to a new body. Cruel perhaps. RIP. Feeling sorry as a parent. The loss is irreparable – but I am being selfish as a parent, my PoV, not his.


  3. Life O’ Life,
    I cant be with you any more.
    Let me rest for a while,
    And I will be with you for sure.
    O’ Father O’ Mother my love for you is forever…


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