I am watching television
Suddenly something’s different

Tingles, like butterflies on my palm
His fingers ticking them,
with movements calm

I look at him, see his lovely smiles
This is happiness, will go for miles

Then suddenly I wonder
Deeply ponder

My poetry is always grumpy
Trying to overcome the sulky

Coz when I am happy
I am just super thrilled

Like the meadows
Unfolding the rainbows

Like beauty to the breath
And joy to the sight

Filled with words
Don’t know which one to write

Its not that I am sad
I just write when I am mad

Coz when I am happy
I am living each moment

Preserving the moods,
The Happyness quotient

Dated: Sept 7, 2014

My friend asked me why do I write sad poetry more often than I write happy ones – hopefully he knows now – this is why!
Would also want to mention that the words ‘Happyness’ comes from the movie ‘Pursuit of Happyness’. Simply loved the idea behind NOT spelling it right deliberately (:

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

13 thoughts on “Happyness

  1. I understand about sad poetry coming more frequently than “happy”; and I’m thrilled you would mention the Happyness movie–what an inspiring story!


  2. When I was young I only wrote sad poetry. Always about not getting the girl of my dreams. Now I write any but mostly happy. I guess it’s an age thing. But writing a sad poem is like a ladder that lets you climb up out of the pit.


    1. Agree.. But I am actually not sad, you see.. maybe poetry is the only thing that lets me open up.. Or may be its a way to express things I otherwise wouldn’t say… πŸ™‚
      On a different note, I am very happy you are writing happy stuff these day.. Lots of love.. (:


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