Sleepless Nights

I sit and cry every night
I want to live and want to fight

I want to give up
And I as well might

I sit back up
switch on the light

Sorrow, pain, fear in my gripe
Clutch stiffens with every hype

Calm myself down
Turn to a smile from frown

My pains are small
Others suffer and fall

I have to rise high
Strings of desire I untie

Weed me out and throw
Reap what you sow

Positivity I seed
Like a baby’s feed

Absorb and flower
Wait for another shower

Fruits of a lovely blossom
No conditions and caution

Tears turn into blushes
And the shiver rushes

From clams to calms
Sleep again with closed palms

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

18 thoughts on “Sleepless Nights

  1. Superb!! as i had already said so….but the only part here that i hated is that you actually cried and wept to write these emotions 😦 – cry hard ONCE for something that you wish to – but make sure not to cry again for the same thing in life!!!

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