Bliss of the Unknown

Invisible shackles and untied bonds
Fastened up across the ankles

Speculated thoughts work all day long
Like dusk forever and waiting for the dawn

Twisted arms in the veil of love
Dried tears gradually gathering up toxins
On the morrow of victory the joy deceases

Unknown defeat from the mirror it laughs
From considerations to reasonable justifications

One side sea and other side is the valley
Swim across, not willing to take the mighty fall

Looking ahead with the regrets of the past
Unwilling to walk ahead along the lonely boulevard

Impressive power possessed in fate of the day
As night comes opening it’s deprived claws

Crushing the fictitious dreams of the meek
Enslaved lives unhappily wearing fake smiles
Indulged souls, a vicious bliss of the unknown

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj


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