Wild ain’t Meant for Me

As your thoughts shall be granted with every passing cloud
Shadows of the foliage bestowed upon the river

Where only ripples can break the tranquil calm
Feathers of the pride on our trail they fall

Leave you with small dried remains on what comes along
Some conspiracies of nature so green and dense

On tied bamboo remains we arrive a habitat meant for sacred beings
Showers cannot reach you down here under the canopy’s protection

Walking inside welcomes by jumping little blood suckers
Still warning to stay away from mothers adobe
Walking along with cameras and binoculars the clouds start to tear

I found a man who can talk to all and even spoke to his shoes
Blisters you gave me last time he says, please be with me this time

All along it’s what protects him from the wild, from the leeches climbing all through
Passing through the lake on the raft bidding adieu to the forest

The last step and he is out of the forest he leaves his sole behind
The greens all along were taking care of him through the shoes

Obliged and tears in eyes gave back the natures favour
To another man who serves in return

The untouched fantasy with the colourful bloom
Beyond imagination through observations! The forest is not meant for me

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj


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