Luxurious Foes

Closed caves where the faint torches are lit
Oblivious of heaven, hell and earth they sit
Skies descending with a ruthless desire
Blinded unknown in exile they grapple with tire
Coveted times, it’s an envy in a no man’s land
Displaying ridiculed significance in their times hand
Turmoil in calms as the faces flaunt red
Anger of the unspoken truth and the uneaten bread
Hideous metaphor to hear each one speak
Depth of their existence every single day they seek
Luxurious foes in their closet all along
Waiting to be used up, torn, unworn they wait alone

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj


Winter Climes

Small defeats
Regrets of lifetimes
Unlike mild breeze
Teasing the chimes
Standing alone waiting
In winter for sunnier climes

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj

So Called Lord

Gazing at the sky and cursing the birds
Having foot in your mouth and heaven to count on
Give you a chance and stare at the sea
Blowing away the past sitting under the tree
Oh so called Lord, disgrace to the community
Taught your followers the very wrong thing
When they flee the abode and set themselves free
Swing with joys of various colours which were crushed by thee
Consumed by your pride you will flam the devils way
Like you taught them to build solid towers out of straw

Pooja Alok
Twitter: @poojaavj